About us

Welcome to Pulse Auto Electrical, your comprehensive motor vehicle electrical specialists in Knysna and surrounding area.

Pulse Auto Electrical was established in March 2015. We have an excellent qualified team of artisans and auto electricians with a combined experience in excess of 56 years in the auto electrical industry.

We offer a full range of auto electrical services that include wiring, fault finding, starter repairs, alternator repairs, motor vehicle diagnostics, dual battery systems and customised electrical work, to mention but a few.

Pulse Auto Electrical has earned the confidence of leading motor manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan to act as auto electrical subcontractors for their vehicles, new as well as used.

We also serve as subcontractors for a large number of second hand dealers for all model cars, SUV’s, mini busses and trailers.

For all your auto electrical problems, secure solutions and peace of mind come to Pulse Auto Electrical.